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Creative Quarantining


I’d been feeling spurts of creativity during my quarantine. Sometimes I can see an idea so clearly that it takes no time at all to make it happen. Case in point: an image that came to me; every single time I saw the rendering of the Covid-19 virus (which is all day, every day).

Watching daily briefings and knowing quite a few people who have been infected have made many of us feel helpless. I am so grateful for those people who are helping the rest of us by working in hospitals, delivering food and making masks; they are truly heroes. If even one of you is reading this – THANK YOU!

I’ve created a small line of t-shirts and hats; New Yorkers have been hit hard but still our spirits endure. “New York Tough” has long been a slogan but in these tough times, our strength has really been tested. Soon enough, our resilience will be too as we begin to integrate new societal limits into our lives. I believe we will come back from this stronger and certainly wiser.

I began to research organizations that might benefit from any sales of my tees, hats etc. should there be a demand. 

Then the lightbulb went off….I’ve been a proud supporter of an organization called HOPE 💜Against Domestic Violence for a few years. Click on the pink link to find out more about what HOPE does and join their Facebook Group. HOPE provides domestic violence victims + survivors with services they need in the short term – helping them create a new life after abuse — so they can not only survive, but thrive.

We know that due to this mandated quarantine, incidents of domestic abuse have risen sharply; with nowhere else to go, victims are essentially prisoners in their own homes.

Pictured at the top of this page are some items that I have available. If you click on the image, a description and price will come up. Please contact me by leaving a comment in the section below or drop me an email if you’d like to purchase, wear something cool (not only for New Yorkers – anyone can be NY Tough!) and support a very important and worthwhile cause. 100% of the proceeds will go to H💜PE. 

click here to SHOP!

Please note I can deliver locally here on Long Island. Shipping, depending upon where you live will be $8-10 additional.  

Please fill out the contact form on this page with any questions, which you can leave in the comments section.

You can also shoot me an email by clicking here.

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Let's Stay in Touch

Thanks for stopping by my site… I promise I won’t share your email or personal info!