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I think its a huge feat for anyone to sum themselves up in just a few words. Somehow it’s challenging to whittle down the whole big picture into a few key points. Hats off to those who have tackled this in a way that piques interest, doesn’t sound too self-important and doesn’t make the reader do a complete eye roll.

Having said that….

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and I am a married mom of two adults that I’m super proud of. I like to take on creative projects. I do lots of things for absolutely zero monetary compensation. I believe strongly in giving and being charitable beyond just writing a check. 

I’m lucky that I have two living parents who are well into their ’80’s. I have a crazy family and that’s ok with me.

I need to respect the people who I have chosen to spend my time with, even if I may disagree with part of who they are. I believe politics is best left to the voting booth and while on that subject, I vote the candidate and not the party. Why do we even have a two-party system?

I am drawn to strength. Patience is NOT my virtue, though my husband has pointed out this distinction: I seem to muster this resource to those in need. I cannot tolerate ignorance; I acknowledge that stupidity cannot be helped.

Beyond that, I love graphic design and have a peculiar interest in fonts. I went back to school at 40 and earned my Masters Degree from The New School For Social Research. I love taking classes. I wish I could do college over and over again.

I’ve got the best lifelong friends anyone could ask for (go Brooklyn). I have also made formed deep bonds with people I’ve met later in life. I feel very blessed in that regard. You never know where your next true connection will come from and I hope I can always stay open to that.

Hobbies:  Tennis, Bike Riding, Gardening, Design and wiping down the kitchen counters.

Lastly, it is my hope that something I write here inspires you in some way.

I’m sure I’ve left out some stuff, but as it comes to me, do a blog entry. 

Any questions, feel free to post in comments.

Tip: I will not allow negativity here, though I do support a healthy and respectful exchange. Comments can be anonymous, but respect is a must.

Hope you enjoy! To get short little glimpses into my life, follow me on Instagram @the.real.goldie